Mathematics is a creative discipline. The language of mathematics is international. The subject transcends cultural boundaries and its importance is universally recognised. Mathematics has developed over time as a means of solving problems and also for its own sake.

Mathematics at Madrasah Taleem ul Quran

In  Madrasah Taleem ul Quran we believe that an essential quality of a successful Mathematics department is that it endeavours to develop its own policy towards the subject involving the whole department whilst listening and empathising with the views of pupils, parents, School, employers and Government. This should result in raising and maintaining high standards from pupils.

Importance of Mathematics

The history of Mathematics has shown the importance of the position of this subject. In the past, the 'East' was a major contributor to Mathematics. In more recent times research has shifted towards the 'West'. This discipline has produced many famous and eminent mathematicians, both male and female, such as Al-Khawarizmi, Archimedes, Gauss and the Bernoulli family. Those who have helped to advance many fields within this discipline is recognised and acknowledged in the classroom.
The scheme and plan of work as well as the syllabus allows the opportunity to realise the importance of mathematics and its diversity within the real world. This involves the acquisition and application of concepts and processes involved. It is the belief of the department that historical settings can help pupils to appreciate and increase their awareness of the topic under study. This awareness comes from the increase of factual knowledge and at times the historical development is a means of understanding an existing concepts.

Aims and Objectives

The Maths Department is well known, and has a hard-earned reputation for achieving excellent results each year in SATS and GCSE. Maths is taught with passion and enthusiasm, and this is reflected in the results achieved.
The department broke the Tower Hamlets record for achieving the highest in Key Stage 3 SATS Maths and English compared to any of the state schools in Tower Hamlets.
The department believes that the teaching of Mathematics is, in summary, to provide for pupils:

  1. To enjoy Mathematics
  2. To progress to the level of their ability.
  3. To become acquainted with the concepts and processes involved in Mathematics.
  4. To develop their oral, written and practical skills by communicating in a clear and coherent manner.
  5. To recognise when, why and how a situation may be presented mathematically.
  6. To achieve a level of confidence and competence in the subject.
  7. To appreciate the vastness of this subject by applying mathematics to everyday situations and develop an understanding of the part which this discipline plays in the world around them
  8. To develop a sense of responsibility towards the discipline. Pupils should learn how to work both independently and as part of a team when solving a problem.

Checking Progress

Student progress is monitored strictly. There is a test at the end of each month.


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